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Cloud Atlas the Movie

David Mitchell’s novel Cloud Atlas is listed on this web site as a work of Buddhist fiction because it has been suggested as such by readers and reviewers. Now it’s a major motion picture in almost every theater in North America, except for the cinema in the small Canadian city in which I live. Since I am unable to see the movie at this time, I thought I would write a quick post to highlight this review of Cloud Atlas from the Buddhist website wildmind.org: http://www.wildmind.org/blogs/book-reviews/drops-in-the-ocean

The reviewer Danayama states directly that “Though Cloud Atlas is not a Buddhist book, I found certain Dharmic themes reflected in the prose. The strongest of these is the Three Characteristics of Conditioned Existence (impermanence, non-substantiality and unsatisfactoriness), which seem woven throughout the narratives.” This review really made me think about what, in fact, is Buddhist and what is not. I haven’t come to any clear conclusions yet but if any readers out there have answers to this question I would really appreciate reading your thoughts.