Kim writes: I study the emergence of novels and short stories that have been labeled Buddhist Fiction by “literati”: publishers, reviewers, readers, bloggers, and authors. This labeling is important because it is part of the process of genre formation. Here are some links to literati lists and/or reviews of Buddhist Fiction. The links are organized chronologically starting with the most recent. I hope to add to this list incrementally, so if you come across a new article or blog post about works of Buddhist fiction in your internet wanderings, please contact me using the comment form below – I will gladly add it.

Tricycle Trike Daily: Books | Arts and Culture “A Master Class with Charles Johnson” 6 Dec, 2015

Tricycle Review of In Paradise: A Novel by Peter Mathiessen, Summer 2014

Tricycle Review of A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki, Fall 2013

uuworld.org “Guide to Buddhist Fiction” by Kimberly French, 15 Feb 2010

uuworld.org “Sitting, with a good Buddhist novel” by Kimberly French, 15 Feb 2010

Rev.DannyFisher “FROM THE MAILBAG: Buddhism in Popular Fiction” by Reverend Danny Fisher, 6 Sep 2008

Buddhistchannel.tv “Bevy of Buddhist Fiction Writers” by Daniel Burke, 23 Nov 2007

Shambhala Sun “Buddha Da” Reviewed by Dan Zigmond, January 2005

Dharmalife.com “State of the art encounter” by Erin Ferguson, Issue 23, Summer 2004