Kimberly Beek is Currently Reading I HAVE NOT ANSWERED by Adam Grydehøj

The first novel by Adam Grydehøj, I Have Not Answered, is unlike anything I have read before. The publisher’s web site, Beewolf Press, provides the following blurb:

I Have Not Answered, Adam Grydehøj’s powerful debut novel, brings a Scandinavian chill to the literature of Scotland. Stark, lyrical prose roots this supernatural thriller in a keen sense of place. As a meditation on love, loss, and the masks we wear to hide our true selves slowly transforms into a horror story of the soul, I Have Not Answered demonstrates how silence and disquiet can be evoked in words.”

The novel I Have Not Answered is the story of a young researcher named Innes who has gone to the Shetland islands in search of a story that, he believes, will solve all of his problems, from the academic to the emotional. The research trip is welcome as he is trying to distance himself from his past relationship.

It is not Innes’ story, however, that keeps the reader coming back, but curiosity about the narrator, a being who is drawn to Innes and also draws Innes in to its own story until lines are crossed, veils of reality are lifted, and there is no going back to the beginning because it has come and gone with the Shetland fog.

Adam contacted me a few months ago about his novel, which he says was consciously edited as a work of Buddhist fiction. I jumped at the opportunity to read I Have Not Answered and to conduct a lengthy email interview with Adam about his debut work. The interview will be posted in the next few weeks. Until then, enjoy the novel’s dedicated web site here – I Have Not Answered – and make sure, as you’re clicking around the page and reading the pop-up boxes, to click on the title in the top left of the screen to get to the real fun.

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