Apologies for My Absence, Gratitude for Your Support

Hello out there in the Buddhist blogosphere. This is a quick post to apologize for the absence of posts for the past two months-ish. I have been conducting fieldwork and preparing a university course that I am currently teaching. Now that the fall semester has started and a new routine is in place, I shall get back to blogging.

More importantly, I wanted to thank those of you who have encouraged me in this blogging venture. Some of you have provided wonderful references and background on other works that can be considered Buddhist fiction as well as some scholarly considerations at the intersection of Buddhism and fiction, while others have even provided information to help me make contact with Buddhist communities for my fieldwork. Thank-you! Your efforts, thoughtfulness, and generosity of spirit are so much appreciated.

And with that, I will save my writing energy for my upcoming post on delineating “fiction.”

2 responses to “Apologies for My Absence, Gratitude for Your Support

  1. Thank you so much for doing this! I am slowly making my way through your list. I just finished writing a novel, “The Flesh of Enlightenment,” about a middle aged woman seeking enlightenment (and love), and thought there was a dearth of fiction on this subject, but I was wrong. Like some of your other readers, though, I would like to distinguish between books which use Buddhism is a plot device and those in which the characters are seeking wisdom. I call the latter books “Novels of Enlightenment,” for lack of a better term. I’m developing some reviews of novels I’ve read on this theme, which I will share when available.
    Keep it coming!

    • You’re very welcome. Thank-you for reading! I hope to read your novel soon. And yes, I will get to writing about the distinction between books that are “about” Buddhism and books that are “of” Buddhism, as some of my reading response fieldwork participants have noted. I really like your phrase “novels of enlightenment.” Please feel free to share reviews any time!!!

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